Online course Your Company in the Netherlands

Online course Your Company in the Netherlands


If you are a budding entrepreneur, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity to get ready to run your own business.

As a member of the Good Business Club in the Netherlands, I want to offer you a great ONLINE course, created by 5Alfa in cooperation with many Club members (including me!) – accountants, lawyers, marketers, which is a pill of knowledge about company registration, legal forms, taxes, tax credits, company costs, business plan … everything you should know in 1 place❗️

In addition to the modules with lessons, you will also find 12 interesting webinars – conversations on legal, tax, advertising, etc. It is truly invaluable knowledge

During the course, you also have access to an e-book that you can print yourself, which contains all the updated information on running a business in the Netherlands in 2020.

This is what one of the participants, Maciek Gulczas, wrote about this course: "Hello! The course is really great! Thank you very much, lots of useful information. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur in the Netherlands! All in one place, specific information. Cool."

If you buy a course via the link provided, I'll also earn a little from selling it. It's not the reason I recommend it, but it's always nice 🙂 The reason I really recommend it is because if my every new client went through this course it would make my job incredibly easier for me 🙂 There would be less repetitive questions, fewer mishaps, and more successful customers❗️

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