How to open your own business in the Netherlands step by step

How to open your own business in the Netherlands step by step


As we promised, today we will tell you how to open your own business in the Netherlands step by step 🚶‍♂🚶‍♀

Setting up a company (business) is a great idea for many people who are serious about their own business. Before you start working and register your activity, find out what steps you should take and what to pay special attention to. 🧐

➡ How to prepare for the company register in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) ❓

🔸 register with the municipal office, the company can be registered at a private address, and if the company's address is different from the address where you live, take the tenancy agreement
with you, 🔸 after checking in, you will receive a BSN number, which will be necessary for setting up y
our business, 🔸 specify the legal form of your company (partnership, sole proprietorship).

➡ Registration process:

🔸 complete and submit the application online at The appl
ication must be specified:
1⃣. Company nam
e2⃣. Names and addresses of owners, managers, members of the supervisory board and partners;
3⃣. Legal form;
4⃣. Date of commencement of operation;
5⃣. Business description;
6⃣. Company contact details (e-mail, telephone number);
7⃣. Whether the company will export or import goods;
8⃣. Number of people employed;

🔸 Make an appointment at KvK, after submitting the application you will automatically go to the calendar, where you will be able to choose the date, time and place where you will make the final register of your company, you can choose from: •
Alkmaar •
• Amersfoort
• Amsterdam
• Apeldoorn
• Arnhem
• Breda
• Den Bosch
• Den Haag
• Eindhoven
• Enschede
• Groningen
• Leeuwarden
• Middelburg
• Roermond
• Rotterdam
• Utrecht
• Zwolle

➡ What documents will you need? Is
ty ID card or passport, płat p
ayment card, payment in cash is not possible, the fee for setting up a business is €
50, 🔹 you can also buy a KvK (uittreksel) statement for € 15 during your visit. It is not obligatory, but it is worth having it e.g. to open a business account.

➡ Tax office: Yo
u do not have to report to the Dutch tax office (Belastingdient) separately, the KvK will do it for you. After registering your company, you will receive your KvK nu
mber immediately. Within two weeks from the date of starting your business, you will receive your BTW number from the tax office – your company's identification number (VA
T equivalent). Now you can issue your first invoice 😊


In order for the activity to be recognized by the Tax Office, certain requirements must be met, and you will be able to read about them in our next post in just one week.

lready in a week, "the knowledge pill for Polish entrepreneurs in the Netherlands". Online course for anyone who would like to develop a successful company in the Netherlands.

🔥 If you have questions related to starting your own business or you already own one, but you are not able to cope with the world of taxes wie Contact us and we will dispel your doubts.

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